CRG Energy Projects has earned a reputation as a company that goes above and beyond in service delivery. We take the time to get to know our clients. We go the extra mile and strive to earn a long-term position as your single-source partner. In fact, we've made this commitment a key part of our mission statement.

Our Services


Our Nuclear Training services are aimed at meeting the growing demands across Canada’s nuclear sites.


CRG Energy Projects provides premier, value-added project controls management services for its nuclear industry clients.


We provide recruitment and human resources services including contract hire, staff augmentation and managed tasks.

Hiring Engineers, Operations, Nuclear Retirees for Contract Roles Available.

Our History

With a solid reputation for successful recruitment in the energy sector, CRG Energy Projects Inc. has grown to become a boutique recruiting, training and outage preplanning company for the nuclear industry.

Our Mission

At CRG Energy Projects, we have become a leader in Nuclear Training, Projects and Staff Augmentation Services by going the extra mile in service delivery.  We meet the needs of contractors seeking opportunities and organizations in need of highly skilled staff.

Our Business

CRG Energy Projects Inc. is a Canadian company that provides a complete range of services to the nuclear industry in Canada. CRG Energy has over 70 years of combined nuclear experience across a broad spectrum of nuclear related skills.


What Our Clients are Saying…

My experience with Sebastien at CRG has been a very positive one. I find him to be very professional, helpful and reliable. I would definitely recommend his services.

Kevin Eady

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the personal touch that your team at CRG provides. Working with people that take the time to understand my personal situation, needs and goals then provides me with the service and flexibility that I require is a big load off my mind. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship. Thanks again.


I chose CRG based on Sebastien’s personable approach and his desire to make sure that I was treated well and fairly by any Agency with which I decided to work. Sebastien is open and honest about what he is trying to accomplish both personally and for those of us whom he represents. Sure, he’s in business and representing former Authorized personnel is good for business, however my wife and I feel that Sebastien’s interest in me is sincere: I’m not just another invoice number to him.

Russ Thompson

I have been with CRG Energy Projects for about a year now and am quite happy with the way the company explains the business world and how it relates to the individual contractor.

Craig Wolfe
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